The Benefits of Micro Flannel®

Micro Flannel® Is Durable, Beautiful & Convenient

Micro Flannel® fabric was developed as a material to offer top-notch personal sleep comfort for everyone. You’ll stay warm and cozy all night with gorgeous, functional Micro Flannel® bedding options designed for use at home or in an RV. Fitted bedding products are even specially designed to fit deep pocket mattresses that are up to 19 inches.

Reduce energy costs when laundering your Micro Flannel® textiles and bedding. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also save time. Micro Flannel® fabric is machine washable and retains less water, which leads to a faster drying time. And, there’s no worry about colors fading or bleeding through routine washing and drying.

In addition, Micro Flannel® fabric is also protected with anti-pill technology, so it’ll stay smooth and soft. Best of all, Micro Flannel® has been tested to ensure it won’t shrink. No ironing is necessary, so textiles and bedding can go straight from the dryer to your bed or dresser and still look great. Micro Flannel® fabric will fit your life and stay vibrant for the long term.

Soft and Luxurious

Soft and Luxurious
A rich and lush fabric will keep you warm and cozy for a great night’s sleep.

Wrinkle-free Convenience

Wrinkle-free Convenience
Take laundered products directly from the dryer to your bed or dresser.

Non-Shrinking, Anti-Pilling Material

Anti-Shrink & Anti-Pill
For wash after wash, the fabric stays smooth, soft, and the right size.

Save on Energy

Save on Energy
Material constructed to wash and dry quickly, reducing your energy costs.

Brushed on both sides for added comfort

Lightweight & Comfortable
Warm without the bulk of flannel, and brushed on both sides for softness.

Deep pockets and fully-covered elastic

Perfect, Stay-Put Fit
Deep pockets and fully covered elastic around fitted sheets and blankets ensure a perfect fit.