Micro Flannel® Products

Micro Flannel® textiles are known for a wonderful thermal quality that will keep you warm and comfortable all night long. Enjoy the lightweight softness of Micro Flannel® bedding and clothing while at home or on the road in an RV.

Micro Flannel Solid Sheets

Solid Sheet Sets
Our Micro Flannel® solid color sheets keep you comfortable and warm year round without the bulk and weight of heavy cotton flannel sheets.

Micro Flannel Printed Sheets

Printed Sheet Sets
Our beautiful printed patterned Micro Flannel® sheet sets do not shrink, do not fade, are anti-pilling, fast-wash and quick-dry, and wrinkle resistant.

Micro Flannel Lace Trim Sheets

Lace Trim Sheets
Wrap up in stunning luxury with our classic lace trimmed Micro Flannel® sheets. Bring a touch of feminine softness to any room by making your bed with these beauties.

Micro Flannel Electric Heated Blankets

Electric Quilted Blankets
Our Micro Flannel® electric heated blankets give you the ability to turn your heat up and down with ease. They are the best option for staying warm in cool and cold weather.

Micro Flannel Electric Sherpa Blankets

Electric Sherpa Blankets
Our high-quality Micro Flannel® electric sherpa blankets combine comfort and durability with the ultimate cozy comfort of controlled electric heat.

Micro Flannel Electric Mattress Pad

Electric Mattress Pads
The comfort of our gorgeous Micro Flannel® mattress pad has been made even more luxurious with the added benefit of electric heat control options.

Micro Flannel Quilted Blanket

Quilted Blankets
Our super soft Micro Flannel® quilted blankets are the definition of sophisticated practical style. We have several soft and light colors to choose from.

Micro Flannel Sherpa Blanket

Sherpa Blankets
Our high-quality Micro Flannel® sherpa blankets combine the comfort and durability of a sherpa blanket with decadent softness for a winning bedding combination you’ll love.

Micro Flannel Mattress Pads

Mattress Pads
Including our high-quality Micro Flannel® mattress pad as a base on your bed will help increase its overall softness and warmth to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Micro Flannel RV Sheets

RV Sheets
Our Micro Flannel® RV sheets ensure you will have the best experience on any road trip by creating a cozy and warm sleeping environment for great rest.

Micro Flannel RV Bedspread

RV Bedspreads
Our Micro Flannel® RV quilted fitted bedspread is designed to fit securely and snugly on your RV mattress for smooth, streamlined beauty in a compact space.

Micro Flannel RV Blanket

RV Blankets
Our fitted Micro Flannel® RV blankets are designed to snugly fit on Short Queen or Bunk size RV mattresses in your camper, motorhome, or RV.

Micro Flannel Quilt Sets

Quilts & Quilt Sets
Our Micro Flannel® quilts and quilt sets are soft and luxurious, with a medium-weight fill that allows for year-round comfort. Enjoy durable, warm, and decadent bedding.

Micro Flannel Comforters

If you’re looking to make a big statement, you’ll want to have a beautiful Micro Flannel® comforter on your bed. Enjoy luxurious bedding with easy care benefits.

Micro Flannel Lightweight Blankets

Lightweight Blankets
Our lightweight blanket is made from Micro Flannel® fabric, so it doesn’t have to be bulky and thick for it to be warm. Because it’s so lightweight, it’s extremely portable.

Micro Flannel Pajamas

Our Micro Flannel® pajamas are the best in form, style, and function – all rolled into one comfortable, soft, and lightweight sleepwear set. Get great rest in decadent luxury.